'The highlight was holding hands' - Emotional reunions as care home reopens its doors to visitors

Sheila Coleman, who lives at Cavell Court in Cringleford, with her daughter, Jackie, who is wearing a mask

Sheila Coleman, who lives at Cavell Court in Cringleford, with her daughter, Jackie - Credit: CARE UK

The easing of restrictions came at the perfect time for a 93-year-old from Norwich, after being reunited with her daughter during a surprise birthday visit. 

Sheila Coleman, who lives at Cavell Court in Cringleford, was overwhelmed when her daughter, Jackie, showed up there. 

“I was delighted to see Jackie," she said.

“It was the best birthday surprise, as I wasn’t expecting it at all. 

“I received lots of cards and presents and enjoyed a tipple with my Cavell Court family, but seeing Jackie and being able to hold her hand really was the highlight of my day.” 

Team members at the Care UK’s home, on Dragonfly Lane, were overjoyed after reuniting residents with family members in the same room. It comes following the latest government guidance which allows a regular visitor into UK care homes. 

Care UK's Cavell Court Photo: Care UK

Care UK's Cavell Court Photo: Care UK - Credit: Care UK

Before the pandemic, Ms Coleman’s daughter would visit almost every day, where they could often be found chatting over a warm drink in the home’s coffee shop. 

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She said: “I was so excited to be able to be in the same room as my mum again, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  

“The team at Cavell Court had decorated her bedroom with birthday banners and were so pleased to welcome me back.

"After such an emotional year, it was great to see my mum continues to be well looked after and is in such good spirits. This is a testament to the caring team in the home.” 

Karen Curle, home manager at Cavell Court, added: “This is another fantastic step towards normality, and it’s been emotional for all of us slowly opening our doors to visitors again. 

“Throughout the pandemic, residents have kept in touch with their relatives through video calls and more recently using our visiting suites, but to be able to be in the same room as one another really does make all the difference. It’s been wonderful to watch.

"Relatives are part of our Cavell Court family, and we are thrilled to welcome them back.” 

- More guidance on care home visiting can be found here.