Norwich woman falls in love with her sperm donor

Ellie Ellison, from Norwich, who met the father of her unborn child 'Joe Donor', 50, from Vermont, who conceals his real name

Ellie Ellison, from Norwich, who met the father of her unborn child 'Joe Donor', 50, from Vermont, who conceals his real name - Credit: ITV

A Norwich woman has spoken about falling in love with her sperm donor who has fathered more than 150 children in this way. 

Ellie Ellison, 29, and her previous partner had known her new fiancé, known as 'Joe Donor', 50, for a few months before they met after researching him for insemination.

The couple are now expecting a baby in October and are living together in Norwich.

The mental health carer and her now ex-fiancé had been trying for a second child and did not have much luck naturally conceiving.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning on Thursday, she said: "I did not see it as a sexual encounter, it was more of a deposit and I did not want there to be any emotions. I did not even want to look at him. I really just wanted to be inseminated and I was nervous slightly.

"I had got to know Joe and my partner had also got to know Joe. You know about his life and history and I had spoken to him many times. I got as much information as possible." 

Miss Ellison spoke about the guilt she felt after her previous relationship ended.

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She told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: "There was a lot of guilt on my part that the relationship did not work out.

"There were other private issues in his life meaning we could not be together as well as the stress and grieving for a miscarriage I never had which turned out to be a good pregnancy.

"He was never able to support me in the way I needed him to and we both kind of felt it's not going to work." 

On the insemination process, Miss Ellison added: "They have a lot of regulations and rules. You have to have been trying for quite a long time. 

"Other people are in control of your journey. You have to have specific. It's a lot easier to do it yourself and it's a lot cheaper as well. We wanted to start straight away and not have a big delay."

'Joe Donor', who has concealed his real name, is from Vermont.