Electronic duo The Orb to perform in Norwich

Electronic/dance duo The Orb. Picture: The Orb

Electronic/dance duo The Orb. Picture: The Orb - Credit: The Orb

Electronic/ambient house duo The Orb are set to bring part two of their 30th anniversary tour to Norwich soon.

The Orb's Norwich tour poster. Picture: Supplied by Epic Studios

The Orb's Norwich tour poster. Picture: Supplied by Epic Studios - Credit: Supplied by Epic Studios

The show, which will take place on June 21 at Epic Studios in Norwich, will see them deliver a career spanning Greatest Hits set which will cover the entirety of their illustrious career.

The Orb formed in 1988 drawing influences from corners as diverse as Kraftwerk to reggae, dub, drum and bass and even classic rock.

Coined the creators of 'ambient house' music, the group are responsible for incepting a completely unique branch of electronica with floaty, house-fused ambience delivered through an onslaught of analogue equipment, synths, samplers and turntables.

Their initial release, A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld, exploded onto the scene in 1989 with widespread acclaim from the clubbing and live band worlds alike.

The track, a tasteful dub of Minnie Riperton's 1970s smash hit Loving You, creates an atmospheric soundscape layering mesmeric rhythms and synth pulses over delicate vocal samples.

This laid the foundation for their genre-hopping 1991 debut album, The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, all the way through a 30-year career of ambient psychedelia to latest release No Sounds Are Out of Bounds.

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The Orb's live shows, over the course of their lengthy career, have achieved legendary status complimenting the spacey soundscapes with strikingly atmospheric visuals.

- Tickets to their show on June 21 are available for £25 advance from Epic Studios' website

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