Tiny elderly dogs who have 'never been apart' searching for new home

Foxy and Yoshi are on the hunt for a retirement home. 

Foxy and Yoshi are on the hunt for a retirement home and Hayley Pattrick (inset) is helping them. - Credit: Hayley Pattrick

A pair of chihuahuas who can't live without one another are looking for their perfect retirement home. 

The elderly pooches are named Foxy, who is 13, and Yoshi, who is 12. 

The little ladies are searching for somewhere quiet and relaxing to live out their retirement. 

The only thing their prospective owner needs is a big heart and a small garden. 

The two are need of a new, calm home, due to a baby being born into their current household. 

As a result the ladies have become stressed by the change. 

Due to various health condition both of the mini pooches are on medication, but a new owner will not be expected to foot the bill for it.  

The two have shared their whole life together. 

The two have shared their whole life together. - Credit: Hayley Pattrick

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Hayley Pattrick works for Norwich Greyhound Rescue which is currently looking after the pair. 

She said: “The two are tiny and they really are sweet little things. As to be expected, they do have some health conditions.  

“We are not asking for an adoption fee - or expecting someone to cover those costs. 

“We just want these little dogs to have the best retirement. As a rescue, we will cover all of their costs, as long as you provide a lap for them to sit on and can show them both some compassion.” 

Foxy is 13 year old. 

Foxy is 13 years old. - Credit: Hayley Pattrick

Hayley would prefer for Foxy and Yoshi to go to a pet-free home, where their new owner would be home with them all the time.  

She also would feel better if there were no children in the household.  

She said: “I don’t think they should have to share attention with other pets now. They just want love, peace and quiet.” 

Yoshi is a 12 year old Chihuahua 

Yoshi is a 12-year-old Chihuahua - Credit: Hayley Pattrick

Their new parents will need to be able to drive, as the two will need regular trips to the vets.  

And Hayley would prefer for their new home to be within Norwich so that she can be on call to help should the little ladies need it.  

If you are interested and believe you have an exceptional retirement home for Yoshi and Foxy, call Norfolk Greyhound Rescue on 07470931758 

You can also enquire about them through the website at www.norfolkgreyhoundrescue.co.uk/ngr_dogs/foxy-yoshi-in-foster-norwich/ 

Hayley Pattrick wants to help the two find a perfect home. 

Hayley Pattrick wants to help the two find a perfect home. - Credit: Hayley Pattrick