Elderly cat saved by Hellesdon rescue centre

A 20-year-old stray cat that was saved by a Hellesdon rescue centre has turned out to be its star attraction.

Gracie, a frail female stray, was rescued from under a hedge just last month, and enjoyed special attention from visitors to Woodland Cat Rescue's centre at its last garden sale of the year on Saturday.

The light tabby is now basking in the sun's rays in a warm conservatory at the centre run by Moya Kingston, who is also giving her the good food and attention she has been missing.

Moya Kingston said Gracie had taken to her new home like a duck to water.

She said: 'She's fine and she's enjoying sitting in the warm in my conservatory. She was found under a hedge at a house in Wroxham. The owners of the house had been feeding her but she had not been allowed inside the house. A local vet contacted me about her and brought her to us here in Hellesdon.

'Obviously we don't know her exact age, but the vet and I have estimated that she's about 20.'

Evening News Local Life Hellesdon correspondent, Peter Taylor said Gracie was the big attraction at the monthly garden sale.

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He said: 'All the people were stroking her and talking about her and how great it was that she was saved.

'She may have a hard recent life but hopefully she will spend the rest of her days in the warmth and comfort of Moya's home.'

Gracie was not given long to live after being found sleeping rough under a hedge at a house in Wroxham, he said.

'But she's a feisty little creature, and living with Moya I'm sure will add time onto her life.

'We think that Gracie's owner had died and her family had not wanted to know and slung her out.

'But it's nice she's now living with Moya in the warm and being well-fed. She's a light coloured tabby with a sweet little face, and when you stroke her, she purrs a lot.'

The origins of Woodland Cat Rescue, based at Woodland Road, go back to August 1995 when Moya Kingston and her friend Louise Van Der Wees, formed the centre with a small group of like-minded people.

For the first six years they rescued and re-homed cats and kittens very successfully (over 800 of them in fact), but early in 2001 they decided to take in long term 'residents' and take the pressure off other rescue groups.

The next event at Woodland will be the Christmas Fayre on Saturday, November 6 starting at 11am. For more information visit http://www.woodlandcatrescue.org.uk.

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