Could you write a winning climate change speech?

A student at UEA’s Wonderfest Outreach event in 2019.

Children aged 11 to 18 are being invited to write a climate change speech which could be shown at the Norwich Science Festival. - Credit: Neil Hall/UEA

Young people looking to get their voices heard on the climate change crisis are being offered a spot at the Norwich Science Festival. 

The Dare to Speak Up competition is coordinated and planned through Project Change at the University of East Anglia. 

Previously the project has been run for university students, but recently it has been changed to include a younger audience of people aged 11 to 18. 

Dare to Speak Up, UEA and Project Change are asking young people aged 11 - 18 to write a speech for climate change. 

Dare to Speak Up, UEA and Project Change are asking young people aged 11 to18 to write a speech for climate change. - Credit: UEA/Project Change

The project will be offering a Dare to Speak Up bookable workshop for schools which will be delivered by the project's founder.  

Organisers will then invite people to write, record and submit a speech on a climate change issue which they are passionate about.  

A booklet is available which has top tips for how to brainstorm, compose and deliver a speech in a way that is powerful to an audience.  

Shortlisted speeches will be invited to a workshop day at the UEA, where they will get the opportunity to work with public speaking experts to improve their delivery. 

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The new speeches will then be recorded and shown at the Norwich Science Festival.  

Sara Skarp, youth climate change programme coordinator, said: “Project Change is a programme out of UEA aimed at building engagement for the climate and climate change amongst young people in the region and beyond. 

“The programme consists of workshops, which can be booked by schools and are delivered online or in person by researchers and students from UEA.” 

She added: “The campaign is made up of multiple parts and is designed to empower young people and show them that they, too, are citizens whose voices are important and deserve to be heard.” 

She said the important message from Project Change is the focus on empowerment and possibility and what we can do to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.  

To get involved visit the Project Change website where you will find the booklet and ways to join in.  

Workshops are being offered by the projects founder to help 11-18 year olds write the best speech possible. 

Workshops are being offered by the projects founder to help 11 to 18 year olds write the best speech possible. - Credit: UEA/Project Change

If you are a young person who has a story to tell or would be interested in having your voice heard in the paper, please contact Sophie Skyring via