Voulez vous du lait avec ça? French breakfast for Norwich parents

French café breakfast organised by six and seven-year-olds at Notre Dame prep school in Norwich. org

French café breakfast organised by six and seven-year-olds at Notre Dame prep school in Norwich. organised by tPhoto: Bill Smith

Breakfast was served up with a distinct Gallic flavour at one Norwich school in a bid to making learning languages fun.

The six and seven-year-old pupils at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Dereham Road dished up the French breakfast to parents as part of a topic learning about the language and ways of life across The Channel.

Teacher Jessica Turner, helped the children to organise the event, said: 'I remembered doing an event like this at my school and how much I enjoyed it so we decided to host a French breakfast.

'We put together some invitations to the parents and on the day the children served them for an hour with teas, coffees and croissants.

'The children had to ask their parents what they would like in French.'

And a cunning plan was found to help parents order back in French too.

Miss Turner said: 'Each parent had a placemat which explained what all the items were that they could order and had the answers that they could give to the children.'

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As well as making the placemats, the pupils donned stereotypically French costumes and were all given their very own French name for the event.

The classroom was also turned into a chic Parisian cafe decorated with an Eiffel Tower, Louvre and, of course, Notre Dame Cathedral.

Miss Turner said: 'It went really well and we had lots of positive feedback from the parents. It was a good opportunity for them to come in to the school during the daytime and see what their children have been learning about.

'The children enjoyed dressing up and being given French names.

'The headmaster came along and had coffee too, which they enjoyed.

'The children wrote a diary entry about the event for their homework and for many the best bit was getting the chance to show off their French to their parents.'

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