VIDEO: Former NUCA students win awards for animated films

Two former art students have won awards for their animation work at a film event in London.

Julie Garrod and Roscoe Gibson-Denney, who both studied at Norwich Univeristy College of the Arts won awards at the Sunrise festival on Thursday July 21.

Mrs Garrod, 32, of Canterbury Place, in Norwich city centre, scooped more than 10,000 public votes for her animation, Bob, a partly autobiographical film.

Mrs Garrod said: 'It's based on me when I was growing up between the ages of 10 and 20. The triptych is supposed to be the three parts of the psyche – the ego, the persona and the shadow.

'I had to do it several times because there's no editing in it, so each panel is done all in one go. It was made by painting on glass and using a light box underneath the glass.'

She graduated from the MA animation and sound design course in December last year and made the film between April and August.

She said: 'I filmed it in four hour stints. I had to do it several times because there's no editing in it.'

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Mrs Garrod plans to enter Bob into more competitions.

'You get a few years to enter into festivals. I'm going to enter it in the Melbourne International Festival and the Canada Giraf festival.

'It felt pretty good to win. It's the first thing I have ever won – I have never even won a sports day race.'

Roscoe Gibson-Denney, who completed a BA in film and moving image production and graduated in July won the critics' choice award for his film, Rroma.

Mr Gibson-Denney, 33, of Silver Road, Norwich, said: 'It was a real honour to have my film chosen for the 2011 Festival and a privilege to have won the critics' choice award. Winning the award not only made my evening, it also made my three years at the NUCA. It was a very nice end to a great three years of study.

'When my name was announced I was totally blown away as it was a total shock to me, but a very nice surprise. I am very proud to take home the 2011 critics choice award.'

He now plans to study for an MA in sound and moving image production at NUCA or the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, where he has been shortlisted for a place.

'My film is a love/ghost story with a strong spiritual connection. It is about a young gypsy woman who is mourning the loss of her one true love. He returns to her to say a last goodbye.'

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