Video: As thousands of Norwich schoolchildren go back to the classroom, these youngsters have been busy becoming television stars

Youngsters at a Norwich school have been inspired by the topsy-turvy British weather to produce a video diary.

The crazy weather in the last 12 months has included everything from violent storms to extreme heat.

And the video featuring youngsters from Valley Primary School has it all.

It runs for 10 minutes and 39 seconds and contains clips of children at the school braving the weather from September last year to July this year.

The youngsters at the school in Gentry Place, off Marl Pit Lane, can been seen wearing light clothing in the summer and gloves and overcoats in the snow. In between they are holding umbrellas when it's raining and trying to stand upright when it's windy.

The youngsters make comments on the weather conditions interspersed with clips from TV weather reports warning of everything from drought restrictions to flood warnings.

To find out more about the project see tomorrow's Evening News.

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