Technology skills go on show at Norfolk high school

Three schools came together to demonstrate their innovative design skills at Broadland High School on Friday.

The hosts welcomed local rivals from Stalham High School and Flegg High School for the competition which challenged the teams to use their design technology skills.

A miniature crane had to be made to go on a metre-long set of tracks to a container of liquid, which then had to be brought back to the start, with increasing difficulties included for the older age ranges.

The basic category, for 11-12-year-olds, and intermediate category, for 12-14-year-olds were both won by Stalham, while the advanced 14-16-year-olds category was won by Flegg.

The final category pitched a teacher from each school, aided by the wife of the Flegg teacher, take on a team from organisers of the annual event, Rotary Club of Wroxham Bure Valley.

It was the teachers that came out on top of that battle but David Prichard, from the Rotarty Club, was still more than happy with the day. He said: 'We were very pleased to have 12 teams enter this year.

'They couldn't all finish the task because it was a difficult one this year, but there were a lot of innovative methods used in doing it.'