Students learn about becoming museum curators

Students from Norwich turned out in the city, despite the weather, to learn about becoming a museum curator.

As part of a collaboration with Norwich Arts Centre's (NAC) ShopArt! project and Catton Grove Primary School, the students explored the job of a curator and the work involved.

Jenny Holland, creative agent for Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Creative Partnerships, said: 'A gallery space where children work as curators and manage the space is a really interesting way of working and an interesting role.'

The students looked at the ShopArt! exhibitions on Westlegate and also designed their own piece of art work using memory, logging their journey and the things they saw on their walk to the exhibition.

Ms Holland explains that the project has allowed the students to look at different ways of working and said: 'The disused space over the city, turned from wasted space into an interesting space, I thought was another thing that could be very engaging for the children to explore. Also the whole thing of having responsibility for a public space, making statements that the public could see, there's not many opportunities for children to have that power.'

The students were also given a talk from artist Joseph Hayes, who explained his display on Westlegate to the students.

Stephen Lane, aged 10, is in year 6 and said: 'I've learnt loads about loads of different artists about what they are like and what kind of art they do. Turning that empty shop into an art shop is really interesting.'

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The Creative Partnerships project with Catton Grove Primary is on-going and is in its third year.

This year's theme is 'What's my legacy?'

ShopArt! is funded through the government's Empty Shops Initiative, facilitated by Norwich City Council and the Norwich City Centre Partnership and run by NAC.

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