Schools join together for a Singing Day event

From a reflective Christmas song to a popular musical hit, six schools joined together yesterday to perform a variety of songs for an annual Singing Day.

Hosted by Taverham Hall School, children aged from seven to 13 worked together to sing, perform and learn about music.

William Drew-Batty, director of music at the school, led the event. He said: 'It's gone really well. All the children have enjoyed it and we've made quite a good sound.'

Each school came along with a prepared piece to perform for each other and their parents in a concert at the end of the day. The children also learnt new songs and how to sing in a round, in which two or more voices sing exactly the same melody, but with each voice beginning at different times.

Mr Drew-Batty said: 'I feel very strongly that singing is good for everyone to get involved with, but also it gives you a feeling of wellbeing. It's a nice opportunity to work with other people and work on something that might be a bit more ambitious.'

The Singing Day also aimed to promote singing in the community.

Rosie Griggs, 12, is from Taverham Hall School and is a member of the choir. She said: 'It's been really fun with all the different schools and singing new things. It's nice to interact with them rather than do our own things.'

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Sabrina Burgess, 11, from Valley Primary School said: 'I like singing a lot and getting put in different groups and signing different things because it sounds really nice. Today entitles people to interact with each other. Usually you just have your school and you're use to the same tune.'

The other schools that took part were Saxlingham Primary, Drayton Junior, Mile Cross Primary, Bluebell Primary in Lovelace Road and Valley Primary in Gentry Place, all from the Norwich area.

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