Radio 1 DJ Greg James backs Norwich Future Education Campaign

One of the UK's top DJs has thrown his weight behind the Evening News campaign to save Future Education.

Radio 1's Greg James, who started his career at Future Radio, which is part of Future Projects, was full of praise for the charity.

Norfolk County Council has withdrawn an alternative academic education contract for year 10 and 11 students which has been provided by Future Education.

While the council has said it will fund year 11 students, the long-term existence of the school is under threat.

Future Projects has also said the loss of funding for Future Education would have an impact on the whole of the charity as the money from the school contributes towards building maintenance and other running costs.

Greg James said he gained vital broadcasting experience at Future Radio. He would present at the station while he studied drama at the University of East Anglia. The radio station celebrates its fourth birthday this weekend.

Mr James said: 'Future Radio was one of the things that really helped me out when I first started getting serious about pursuing presenting as a career.'

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He added that it gave him great confidence and vital exposure on proper FM radio.

'It provides the next presenters/producers/engineers,' he said.

He said that it would be 'disastrous' if the funding threat had an impact on the radio station.

Future Projects and Norfolk County Council are currently in talks.

The council has said it is not about cutting support to young people needing alternative provision and that it is maintaining the budget and spending �4.5m over the next three years to support alternative education for young people in years 10 and 11.

It said there had been a rigorous and fair tendering process and the decisions had been made by a panel that included parents, young people and an educational psychologist.