Pupils learn what life was really like for evacuees during trip to Holt

Taverham Hall pupils experiencing life as an evacuee

Taverham Hall pupils experiencing life as an evacuee - Credit: Archant

Sitting in their classroom studying the Second World War, it was hard for Taverham Hall Preparatory School pupils to imagine what life in Norfolk was like at the time.

So to get a better idea life on the Home Front, the Year 3 pupils took a trip on the Poppy Line.

Having learnt how children their age were evacuated from large cities during the war, the children took a trip on a steam train up to Holt, where they learned about planes used in the war and how to spot the enemy.

Year 3 teacher Laura Clark said: 'The day was fantastic and both children and staff alike enjoyed the trip.

'The children were able to experience first hand what it would have been like to be evacuated and it will benefit them enormously in their understanding of what life was like during World War Two.'

Although the pupils had fun during the trip, they also took on board the seriousness of the war as they tried gas masks and made their own packed lunches out of rationing ingredients.

Head of history at the school, Irving Newton, said: 'At Taverham we place great value on our school history trips.

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'Each child will go on a visit to a historic site at least once in a school year if not more.

'We see it as a way to stimulate our pupils' curiosity about the way of life of people living in the past.'

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