Photo gallery: Students in Norwich learn about the human body

A group of performing arts students from Norwich have been teaching younger pupils about the human body.

The cast from City College Norwich (CCN), visited the Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School in north Norwich to put on a performance called A Tale of a Nail.

The performance, which took place on February 17, told the story of a man who puts a nail through his finger and how his body works to fight off the infection.

Leanne Hewitt, CCN level two course leader and lecturer, said: 'It was a really nice thing for the students.

'We try and do as many real performances as we can and the students really reacted with the children at the school and visa versa.'

The cast played various roles, including platelets, white blood cells, germs and tetanus, as well as a doctor and a nurse.

'The audience were shouting, booing and hissing,' Ms Hewitt added.

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'For the City College students, this is the first [performance] for a lot of them. Many of them have never performed before.'

The project came about as part of a collaboration with CCN and Arden Grove and goes towards the students' final grade.

The performing arts course at CCN is the equivalent to four GCSEs A to C grades.

Ms Hewitt added: 'It is just as important for the students to perform in front of kids as well as to adults.

'It was an invaluable experience.'

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