Photo gallery: Hundreds enjoy Rock the Boat festival at Brundall Primary School

Rock The Boat Family Music Festival at Brundall Primary School. Photo: Steve Adams

Rock The Boat Family Music Festival at Brundall Primary School. Photo: Steve Adams

Hundreds of people braved the rain to enjoy a primary school's annual Rock the Boat family music festival.

Organisers of Saturday's event at Brundall Primary School had feared that thunder, lightning, hail and torrential rain the day before could have reduced the concert to a damp squib.

However, Helen Campbell, a member of the Friends of Brundall Primary School committee, said 700 to 800 people turned up - about the same number that came during much sunnier weather last year.

She said: 'It brought out really good support from people and there were people dancing in front like last year, except this year they were dancing in the rain.'

She said many festival goers had bought their tickets in advance and were well prepared for the bad weather, bringing wellies and staying until the event ended at 9pm, despite almost constant rain and drizzle from 4.30pm onwards.

She said highlights included the Year 6 saxophonists, who had only started learning the instrument in September, as well as smaller groups of singers of different ages, dancers, and children singing songs from The Sound of Music.

Mrs Campbell said the rain even added to the atmosphere for many, with teenagers enjoying their ponchos.

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She said the festival, which also included a number of adults performers, had made a profit, with all proceeds going to the school, but a final figure might not be available until later in the week.

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