Norwich youngsters learn to dance with Madonna’s choreographer

He may be better known for teaching new moves to the stars but this week Danny Price has been showing Norwich youngsters that anybody can dance.

The international choreographer, whose CV is laced with names such as Madonna, David Bowie and Janet Jackson, yesterday kicked off a week's worth of dance workshops at the Hellesdon cluster schools.

Over the week, youngsters aged from four will learn dance techniques, culminating in a mass performance involving 250 children this Saturday.

Mr Price, who runs Total Dance and has been joined by his team of specialists to deliver the Total Dance Week, said: 'It's been absolutely fantastic. My motto is 'anyone can dance, everyone can dance'.

'Teaching children is fantastic. You get the wonderment of children, their adolescence and their energy which is fantastic and then with the mega stars you get their personality, their tantrums - you use similar techniques which engage both.

'All young people want to dance, they are just not sure how to or what's cool to. It's a massive life skill, it's a holistic approach to dance, not just about dancing.'

Schools taking part in the Total Dance Week are Arden Grove Infant and Nursery, Kinsale Infant, Heather Avenue Infants, Horsford Infants and Horsford Junior, Firside Junior, Kinsale Junior, St Faiths Primary and Hellesdon High School.

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The performance, Total Dance Platform, will be held at Hellesdon High School on Saturday, February 19 at 2.30pm.

Daniel Thrower, head Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School, said: 'I met Danny whilst visiting a primary school in Tower Hamlets in London. 'The work I saw him doing was inspirational and immediately I wanted to bring Danny and his team to the Hellesdon, Horsford and St Faiths cluster of schools.

'The work will offer all the children a truly remarkable learning experience and demonstrates the close collaboration between all schools from all phases to make this happen.'

Hellesdon High School headteacher Gerry Batty added: 'I am delighted that we can give this opportunity to so many young people. Dance is a wonderful medium to express yourself in and it will also give many the opportunity to improve their confidence and self esteem.'

Don't miss next Monday's Evening News for pictures of the Total Dance Platform performance.

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