Norwich youngster’s poster plea to make Larkman litter-free

A seven-year-old from Norwich has taken up the challenge to get his local streets clean and tidy... using just his felt tip pens.

Joseph Cole, who is in year three at Larkman Primary School, has won the school's poster competition, and had his winning work of art turned into metal posters displayed in the area to discourage littering.

Joseph Cole, from Dereham Road in Norwich, beat the other 303 pupils at the school with his poster telling people to 'keep Larkman tidy'.

The winning piece took Joseph an hour and a half to complete, and features chewing gum stuck to the floor, and dog mess with flies hanging around it.

He said: 'I had to do a second version because Mrs Clarke lost the first one.

'But the second one was better because it had less mistakes.

'I feel very happy I've won. I didn't think I would, and then I did.'

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The competition theme of litter came about after the school council, made up of pupils, challenged the rest of the school to design a poster after a visit from two housing officers who asked them to identify problems in the area.

Walking through the Motum Road and Cadge Road area, the pupils decided to focus on litter and keeping the community tidy.

Head teacher Alison Clarke said: 'We hoped this would encourage the local community to look after their environment.'

Joseph, who has been identified as a gifted and talented pupil, takes after his mum Julie Childs, 48, who is a glass artist in Norwich. She said: 'Joe works so hard and is really dedicated, and he hasn't made a big deal out of winning.'

She added: 'It's so important to be educated on littering.'

Joseph agreed and said: 'Now I'm making mum pick up litter too. She has learnt from me.'

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