Norwich school raises nearly £5,000 during charities week

The CNS rugby team took part in the school's charities week

The CNS rugby team took part in the school's charities week - Credit: Archant

City of Norwich School students raised almost £5,000 during their annual charities week.

Each year CNS takes part in a week of fundraising events, which this time included 'I'm a teacher, get me out of here', 'Man vs Food' and 'CNS has got talent'. Students also baked and sold cakes, performed music and packed bags at M&S.

A spoekesman for the school said: 'The aim of charities week is to promote good citizenship among pupils while raising money for good causes. It also lets the students express themselves outside of the classroom.'

The two charities chosen to benefit from the money are Cancer Research UK and East Anglia's Children's Hospices. They were chosen by the families of two former CNS staff, Kathleen Mills and Christine Cook, who both sadly passed away in 2013.

Charities week takes place every year in the final week before the Christmas break. Headteacher Jim Nixon said: 'The effort that everyone has put in to make this a success has been great, including lots of planning and attention to detail. They've been very committed.'

This year it was competition based, in particular to raise the most money and win the CNS charity cup. Students enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers in a different light, from having their heads shaved or covered in eggs, to performing on stage or playing charity sports matches.

Nidhi Singh, head girl for Blakeney, said: 'Year 11 enjoy charities week a lot. It's a nice relief after our mock exams.

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'There's a long planning stage to organise everything, but it's been great fun.'

CNS sixth formers held a very successful quiz and chips night which helped develop their organisational and leadership skills.

Megan Blake, year 13 charities leader, said: 'I'm looking to take a gap year next year to do some charity work abroad so this has been very helpful for that. I've really enjoyed it all.'

The total amount was £4,869.41.

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