Norwich charity gives out free science books to 5,000 children

Dr Jenni Rant, programme manager of the science education charity SAW Trust

Dr Jenni Rant, programme manager of the science education charity SAW Trust, which has produced children's summer activity book. - Credit: SAW Trust

A Norwich charity has teamed up with a Cbeebies writer to produce a summer adventure activity book that is being given out free to thousands of children. 

The book from Science Art Writing Trust (SAW), written by Emily Dodd of Cbeebies science shows Nina and the Neurons and Tiny Wonders, and illustrated by Daryl Blyth, is based on a different area of scientific research carried out at Norwich Research Park.

Characters Ben, Jaz and Fizz from summer adventure activity book

Characters Ben, Jaz and Fizz from summer adventure activity book being given out free to thousands of Norfolk and Suffolk children. - Credit: SAW Trust

Titled ‘Help, There’s An Alien in my Park!’ and featuring three characters Ben, Jaz and Fizz, it includes challenges for young readers to do without parental support using materials commonly found in and around the home.

It is being distributed free of charge to 5,000 children in Year 4 and 5 across Norfolk and Suffolk.

The SAW Trust, based at Norwich Research Park, is a charity that helps to bring science into everyday lives through art and writing. 

Dr Jenni Rant, programme manager of the science education charity SAW Trust

Dr Jenni Rant, programme manager of the science education charity SAW Trust. - Credit: SAW Trust

Programme manager, Dr Jenni Rant, said: “We hope that this activity book will help to lessen the negative impacts of the Covid-19 school closures on science education within the region, where disadvantaged households have been disproportionately affected, leaving many students in need of extra support.

“Having someone of the calibre of a CBeebies screenwriter involved should grab children’s attention and drive their enthusiasm to participate in the activities with their friends and family over the summer holidays.”

Ten scientists from Norwich Research Park have beem named among the most influential globally. Pictu

Norwich Research Park has inspired challenges for young readers of the book. - Credit: Norwich Research Park

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The book is divided into six sections based on research being carried out in Norwich, including human digestion, biodiversity, plants and climate change.

Children are being encouraged to take their books back to school in the autumn term to share with their teachers and classmates. 

Those who complete the book can also enter a competition to win an all-expenses paid trip to the London Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Alexia Mlynarska, of Norwich Research Park, said: “Inspiring the future generation of scientists and researchers is very important to us if we are going to continue to grow our park’s role in helping the world face up to the massive challenges it faces in the areas of food and nutrition, people’s health and climate change.”