Norwich Mayor gets grilling at city school

It may have appeared on the surface to be one of her easier engagements – but Norwich Lord Mayor Jenny Lay faced a tough grilling by 10-year-old children at Angel Road Junior School yesterday.

Youngsters at the north Norwich school were quizzing her as part of their writing work for the school's governors' award week, and some of the questions left Mrs Lay stuck for words.

She said: 'They were really astute questions and the children all had them written down and ready.

'One of them was what was the most exciting thing I'd done as mayor, and I talked about the Lord Mayor's procession.

'Another child asked how to become Lord Mayor and I told them you had to be a councillor first, and then you were picked by your peers. Another asked what my robes were made of.

'I thought they were very clever. One child asked me what ambitions I still had and I said to live long enough to go back to being a councillor when I hand over to someone else.

'At the end I told them to learn everything they could in school, take an interest in what's happening in the city, and then you too could become Lord Mayor.'

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Schoolgirl Fahmida Akther, 10, asked her how she reacted when she found out she'd become Lord Mayor and were her family pleased. Meanwhile, Marshall Ruff, 10, said: 'I asked her what she found difficult about being mayor and she said hearing was difficult, as she was deaf in one ear and had a hearing aid in the other.'

Maisie Lorenzen, 10, wanted to ask her what inspired her to become Lord Mayor, but did not get a chance to, but she added: 'I would like to be Lord Mayor and wear her robes.'

There was also no time for Anton Garcia-Lea, 10, to ask her how to become mayor, but he added: 'I like doing things like this.'

Head teacher Len Holman said: 'It's really important that we try to raise the standards of writing across the school. The children really enjoyed the Lord Mayor's visit.

'The follow-up is that they will spend a lot of valuable time writing up an account of her visit.'

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