Free football coaching on offer as new academy launched at city school

Wes Hoolahan, Steve Golightly of Improtech, Neil Moggan of City Academy Norwich and Stephen Elliott

(L-R) Wes Hoolahan, Steve Golightly of Improtech, Neil Moggan of City Academy Norwich and Stephen Elliott at the launch of the football academy - Credit: Steve Golightly

City kids are being offered free football coaching thanks to a county-first academy based at a Norwich School. 

And Canaries star Wes Hoolahan was at the grand opening to mark the occasion.

The new initiative from Improtech Soccer and City Academy Norwich will see training sessions take place before, during and after school hours. 

The programme is lead by a team of coaches with a track record of success - all with a UEFA Pro License standard to their name. 

The ground-breaking model at City Academy will see pupils receive 10 hours of free coaching from the team. 

The school believes that this allows for a balanced academic week with core subjects not impacted by the launch. 

And joining Norwich City star Mr Hoolahan was former Manchester City player Stephen Elliott.

Wes Hoolahan, Stephen Elliott and Paul Collin

Wes Hoolahan, Stephen Elliott and Paul Collin - Credit: Steve Golightly

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Stephen Elliott said: “Improtech are excited about the prospect of forging a long-term partnership with a school synonymous with innovation, sporting success and academic achievement.  

“The programme will give talented footballers from the local and wider community the opportunity to develop. “ 

Canaries star Mr Hoolahan added: “This is such a fantastic opportunity for the young players from our community to combine their education with football at a great school with state-of-the-art facilities." 

Paul Collin, the headteacher at City Academy Norwich, said the team are “thrilled” to be offering the opportunity to the school’s young people.  

He said: “As a part of the local culture of Norwich I know that football plays a special part in many young people’s lives.  

"A lot of time and effort is going on behind the scenes to make this programme exceptional in every aspect.”  

at the launch of the football academy.

Wes Hoolahan and Stephen Elliott at the launch of the football academy. - Credit: Steve Golightly

He added: “Learning lifelong skills of teamwork, leadership, and resilience which can become a part of who they are as individuals every day.” 

Neil Moggan, director of sport, health & PSHE at City Academy, added: “City Academy Norwich is now in a fantastic place and we have got all the ingredients to make this programme a top-class experience for any football-obsessed child. "

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