More signs of improvement at Cavell Primary ahead of controversial academy conversion

Parents Mark Sayer, and Rachel Ward, with the petition parents have signed against the plans to turn

Parents Mark Sayer, and Rachel Ward, with the petition parents have signed against the plans to turn Cavell Primary School into an academy. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

Cavell Primary has been told it is 'taking effective action' to tackle areas requiring improvement, two weeks before it is controversially set to be turned into an academy.

The school, in Duckett Close, Norwich, was put into special measures after Ofsted declared it 'inadequate' last May.

Its then-governors wanted it to join a co-operative trust of nearby schools, but they were removed by Norfolk County Council and replaced with an interim executive board (IEB), which decided it should become an academy under the Right for Success Trust, and it is due to convert on July 1.

The school came out of special measures in February when Ofsted put it in the higher 'requires improvement' category.

The latest report, from inspector Paul Tomkow's letter, followed a visit on June 2, and said Cavell has developed comprehensive assessment processes to record pupils' attainment, pupils' writing has improved, and subject leaders are becoming more active in its development.

However, he said that the school's own data showed that standards remain low and 'progress needs to be more rapid if overall achievement is to become good'.

Executive head Simon Wakesman said: 'Our inspector outlined how impressed he was with the quality of the learning in the classrooms that he visited, and was particularly impressed by the children's positive attitudes to learning and good behaviour.

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'Every school is on a journey and Cavell's is upward. Within a year, if inspected, we should be looking at an overall 'good' judgement.'

Rachel Ward, of the anti-academy Save Cavell campaign, said: 'As far as I can see, [the report] seems to carry on proving that we don't need any help from Right for Success in improving.'

A consultation on Cavell joining Right for Success ended last week, and the interim governors are expected to announce its outcome this week.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: 'This is a step in the right direction. The priority now is to ensure this progression continues and that any improvements are permanent. We believe this can be achieved through stable governance that supports and inspires teaching and learning, which is why sponsorship by Right for Success remains the best way forward for the school and its pupils.'

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