Love is in the air at reception class wedding

Bride Andrea O'Connor and groom Noa Davidson

Bride Andrea O'Connor and groom Noa Davidson - Credit: Archant

The look of love is in the classroom - as reception pupils this week tied the knot at St Cuthbert's Church to celebrate the end of the school year.

Ringbearer Ewan Corless

Ringbearer Ewan Corless - Credit: Archant

With no register signed, temporary couple Noa Davidson and Andrea O'Connor can now go their separate ways, and teachers from Cecil Gowing Infant School in Sprowston said the concept was to bring the children together behind the scenes to pull off the event.

It was planned to the smallest detail, with a stag party taking toy trucks on tour with them before Noa and best man Gilbert Cholwill met Andrea in the aisle.

Reception teachers Tina Callaghan and Eloise Moore organised the event in partnership with the Maids Head Hotel.

'We wanted to make sure every child took on part of the roles to make the wedding happen,' said Ms Callaghan. 'That was everything from florists to a media team, and it was really about the team work that goes on to get everything ready.'

During the ceremony, children were also asked to help give a sermon on what love means to them, with answers ranging from getting a new little brother or sister, to when mummy brings the dog in from the rain.

'It just gives a real context for children to have fun, but also a great way to cover all the areas of early years learning,' added Ms Callaghan.

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'We have talked to the children about weddings from different cultures and traditions, but also about how it does not always end happily ever after.

'It is something special for them to enjoy at the end of our reception year, but also a carefully planned learning experience.'

Christine Malcolm, general manager of the Maids Head Hotel said they had been approached by the school because Talula, daughter of their wedding co-ordinator, Amy Elvin, goes to Cecil Gowing.

'We decided that rather than just a talk we would send team members to the school, including Amy, to assist the children in their preparations,' she said. 'In addition, to ensure that all the activities came together in a memorable celebration, we invited the children to the hotel to stage the wedding reception part of their big day, in our main function room, the 18th century Minstrel Suite.'