Iconic UEA ziggurats used for The Streets album cover

They have turned heads for more than five decades and now the University of East Anglia's iconic ziggurats feature on the forthcoming album cover of a chart-topping rapper.

One of the two 1960s student accommodation blocks features on the cover of the fifth and final The Streets album, Computers and Blues.

Mike Skinner, frontman of The Streets, can be seen looking out of one of the rooms of the Grade II listed building.

The 32-year-old, best known for number one hit 'Dry Your Eyes', said he chose to use the world-famous building because he 'liked the look of it'.

He said: 'I looked at loads of interesting buildings and that was the best, then we remembered it from playing gigs there – we had an after party in someone's flat there last tour.'

The ziggurats, officially named the Norfolk and Suffolk Terraces, were designed by Sir Denys Lasdun, who was an internationally-acclaimed British architect.

Over the years, the buildings have attracted widespread interest and have led to the UEA winning a number of awards.

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They were named as 'one of the most outstanding new university designs in Britain' when they were first built and earned the eighth spot in the top 10 of best UK university architecture by the Architect's Journal.

A UEA spokesman said: 'The university has very distinctive architecture and is set in an extremely attractive environment, so we are often approached by companies who want to use our campus as a backdrop to still photography or films.

'We take each request on merit, ensuring that such an activity would not inconvenience staff or students and that the subject matter is not inappropriate.'

Computers and Blues will be released on February 7 and The Streets will be back at the UEA on February 28 as part of their tour.

Four of the new album's 14 tracks started life as demos given away on Twitter.

The album is said to address the 'interplay between human emotion and electronic communication' with songs including 'OMG', a reference to the minefield of Facebook relationship statuses.

It is not the first time Norfolk has attracted attention from music artists.

The cliffs at Hunstanton feature on the cover of The Stranglers' album Norfolk Coast.

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