Hellesdon and Spowston Brass Band’s project for beginners is hailed a success

A new band set up for brass instrument beginners and former players has been hailed a success - and now they need some volunteers to cope with the extra numbers.

As previously reported in the Evening News, the Hellesdon and Sprowston Brass Band was offering people the chance to play in its new 'entry band'.

It also held a free taster day, giving both people who have never played before and those who used to play the chance to have a go.

The entry band project has since been a huge success and has attracted 15 new players.

It has been so successful that band members have had to round up spare instruments for new players to play and the Friends of Hellesdon and Sprowston Brass Band has been set up because there is now much more work to do.

Tuba player Alan Kirkham, from the Hellesdon Community Centre-based band, said: 'The entry band has been a much bigger success than we could have ever dreamed, it's fantastic.

'We've got people who have never played before to those who have played in big bands in the past and have come to join us.

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'We have been amazed by how many people want to learn how to play brass and have come back to brass.'

Mr Kirkham, who lives in Meadow Way, Hellesdon, said the group is set to change its uniform because they now have so many members and jackets for their current uniform cost �250.

He also said more volunteers are needed to join the Friends group.

'We needed to set up the Friends group because the level of administration was getting so high,' said Mr Kirkham.

'So anyone who would like to be part of the band but not play should get in touch. They would get to come along to the concerts for free and they would just help with the band, help with the teas and coffees on band night and help with publicity.

'I would be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested.'

The entry band meets at 6.30pm every Tuesday at Hellesdon Community Centre in Middletons Lane. The session is followed by the main band which meets at 7.45pm.

For more information or to become a Friend, call Mr Kirkham on 07530 231722.

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