Group say no to dull IT lessons Norfolk

A workshop has been set up in Norfolk to brighten dull IT lessons for pupils.

The group, Norfolk computing at schools, is run by Neil Collins, 42, from Great Moulton, a senior manager at software company Metaswitch, and aims to bring in app and website developemnt into IT lessons in schools.

Fitting in with Michael Gove's announcement that IT is 'demotivating and dull', meaning young people need to pioneer technological change.

The group is encouraging local high schools' IT teachers to join the night classes, free of charge, and be assisted on how to programme.

Mr Collins said: 'What we recognised is that we need to teach our teachers some core programming skills to get them prepared for running courses in computing.'

Prof Simon Peyton Jones, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, said: 'The Norfolk group, an excellent example of how schools, universities and industry are coming together to promote computing in schools at a local level to teach teachers how to program, is fantastic.'

The group meet twice per term at the UEA, with their next meeting being on 8th February at 4:30pm.

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