Costessey school’s science festival gives a boost to students

A science festival was held at Ormiston Victory Academy to help year 11 students from Victory, Ventu

A science festival was held at Ormiston Victory Academy to help year 11 students from Victory, Venture, Endeavour, Cliff Park and North Walsham High School with revision. - Credit: Archant

A huge festival of science at a Costessey school boosted students' learning ahead of exams.

Teens from five schools gathered at Ormiston Victory Academy for a full day of experiments and talks.

The schools that joined Victory for the day were Ormiston Venture Academy and Cliff Park Academy, both in Gorleston, North Walsham High School and Ormiston Endeavour Academy, Ipswich.

Lucy Austin, assistant principal at Victory, hailed the triple science event last month as a success and hoped more could be arranged.

She added students could learn more when schools worked together.

Nolan Tovell, head of science at Victory said: 'The experience enhanced their enthusiasm for triple science and motivated them to work even harder and to prepare them for their up and coming exams.'

Sixth form students from Victory helped staff to run lessons during the day, and a former Victory student who has since been to university returned to share her knowledge.

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Georgette Bradford, has a post-graduate degree in biomedical sciences and has secured a job in Cambridge, in the field in which she studied.

Students agreed it was useful to ask her questions about science.

The day was split into three lessons, in biology, chemistry and physics, with three groups rotating between the lessons.

Biology consisted of learning about the kidneys, chemistry consisted of identifying a mystery solution by titration and the physics lesson involved light rays.

Amada Bradford, senior science technician at Victory, said: 'The students worked in a very professional manner throughout the day with the tasks they were set.

'They stayed very focussed and engaged during the entire event.'

Naomi Palmer, principal of Victory, said: 'We are wholly committed to working with other schools and academies to get the best experiences for our students.

'It was fabulous to see Victory students working alongside Venture, North Walsham High School and Endeavour students.

'We are looking forward to organising more events like this in the future.'