Costessey school goes apple crazy

Pupils and parents got to the core of the matter when they were shown about all things apple at a Costessey school.

Queen's Hills Primary and Nursery School played host to an afternoon that let youngsters get to grips with a fruit that has long been cultivated in the county ahead of efforts to get its own orchard, and community orchard too.

Backing the efforts and giving presentations on a day which saw youngsters doing everything from making apple models to being shown how to graft the trees was Pauline Williamson, environmental and outdoor learning co-ordinator at nearby Ormiston Victory Academy.

She said: 'The day went really well, and the children were really over the moon about it, and at 3pm the parents came in as well and joined in. 'It was a nice happy atmosphere and there was a lot of interest.'

Mrs Williamson explained that the academy was part of a national programme encouraging children to rediscover the fruit, and having developed plans for its own orchard was spreading the word into nearby feeder schools.

Eli White is a teacher at the school and runs its eco-club. She explained that efforts to get a Queen's Hills orchard were in the early stages, and said: 'This is about promoting the community orchard and getting people on board with it and explaining what it will be about, which is developing a sense of community in Queen's Hills. It's a community event.

'We also want to get the children enthusiastic about the project, and we want to drum up volunteer helpers from the children and parents to get it established.'