City of Norwich School student councillor scoops handful of As in GCSEs

Jamal Utting, 16, from Robin Hood Road, Lakenham, who was head of the school council at CNS gained five As, three Bs and four Cs in his GCSEs.

He said: 'I did well in English, history and RE, I got As in them. I got the results I need to get into sixth form. I was surprised to get an A in English, I thought I would get a B.

'It wasn't easy. I wouldn't have passed if I didn't put in the amount of effort that we did. I thought I could cruise through it but realised I had to work as hard as I could. I don't think they are getting easier. The last maths paper we did was horrible.'

Jamal plans to stay at CNS to do A-levels in physics, maths and mechanics and history and drama.

Depsite his good grades, Jamal is not going to study the subjects at A-level which he did well in at GCSE.

He said: 'I like RE but it's not something I want to take to sixth form and English doesn't interest me. I want to go to uni to do computer science because I love computers.'

Although it is two years away, Jamal said high university fees would not put him off.

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Headteacher Jim Nixon said: 'Jamal was a big influence in the school, leading the school council. He has had a huge impact and is a strong leader. He has put a lot into the school.'