City Academy Norwich pupils work to create identity for 13 schools

Children, parents and staff from 13 Norwich schools gathered yesterday to create an identity for their cluster of schools.

Two students and two parents from each of the cluster of schools from the Bowthorpe and Earlham areas met at City Academy Norwich to decide on a name for the cluster, design a logo and write a strapline.

Headteachers from the schools met in the afternoon to see the pupil's presentations to decide if there was a strong identity that they wanted to adopt.

The cluster schools included Bluebell Primary School, Chapel Break Infant School, Clover Hill Infant School, Earlham Early Years Centre, Henderson Green Primary School, Larkman Primary School, Nelson Infant School, St Michael's Junior School, Valley Primary School, Wensum Junior School, West Earlham Infant School, West Earlham Junior School and City Academy Norwich.

Children were encouraged to think about the wider community and wrote poems.

Valley Primary School pupil, Summer Cooke, eight, said: 'The day is exciting. We wrote some poems and worked on the strapline. It is nice that everyone worked together and it's good to work with people we haven't met before.'

City Academy pupil James Kirby, 11, who led one of the groups said: 'The day was important because we are designing a name and logo.

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'It is nice to meet people from the other schools and work with them.

'Leading the group is scary and fun. You are scared that you might not be very good but you might be excited that you are working with people from different schools.'

Rosemary Linley, said: 'Each of the work groups were led by a City Academy pupil form year seven and everyone engaged brilliantly.'

'We are starting strategically to work together as a school cluster. We are putting together an action plan so the schools can support each other.

'The day is all about giving us a sense of identity. The logo that they design will be on the float at the Lord Mayor's Procession. The float will represent all the schools in the cluster.

'Everyone working on the project did not know each other at the start of the day. When we thought we wanted to establish the identity, we wanted schools to work together to create it.'