Blofield Heath youth club needs new volunteers

A youth club in a village on the outskirts of Norwich which has been running for 20 years is looking for a new generation of volunteers.

Heathfields Youth Club in Blofield Heath was started by Jackie Durrant and four other parents more than 20 years ago, but is now looking for new volunteers.

The club, which currently opens for between 15 and 25 children aged 10 and over, opens on the first and third Wednesday of every month, only closing to recharge its batteries in August.

Mrs Durrant said it was an important facility for the village.

'When you live out in a village there is nothing to do for the children. They do not chose to live in a village, it is their parents who have chosen to live here,' she said.

Mrs Durrant started the club with four other parents when their children when her son Paul, who is now 31, was 11 years old. When it first started there were between 40 and 50 members.

The club is self-funded through jumble sales and other fundraising events and is currently run by Mrs Durrant as well as Suzanne Hughes, Doris Gallie and Gary Starkins.

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'It is all run by volunteers. We do not get paid or anything. We are completely self- funded,' she said.

Mrs Durrant added: 'I really enjoy it. It keeps you in touch with the youngsters and I think they all appreciate the fact that we keep it up.

'When we first started it we knew a lot of the mums and dads of the children.'

She said it would be nice to have more volunteers so that if anyone was away they would have enough people to keep the club, which needs at least three volunteers, running. This would also help with new ideas for activities.

The club is used by children from Blofield Heath and surrounding villages such as Blofield, Brundall and Little Plumstead.

Mrs Durrant said the club had also been a good way of getting to know people in the village.

She said they were also hoping to hold a reunion for those who have been part of the youth club over its 20 year history.

'The first ones have all got families of their own, most of them. It is nice to keep in contact. I see them around in Norwich and they come up and say hello. I do enjoy it. We are still trying to get hold of a few of the old ones.'

If you are able to volunteer at the youth club or want to get involved with a reunion in November to celebrate the club's 20th birthday contact Jackie Durrant on 07920 171949.