11 things frazzled Norfolk parents won’t miss about homeschooling

Most parents have been overseeing homeschooling for weeks.

Most parents have been overseeing homeschooling for weeks. - Credit: PA

Frazzled parents will get a breather after months of supervising homeschooling when most children return to school on Monday.

All of Norfolk's primary schools are on track to reopen to all pupils, Norfolk County Council has said. However the return of students at some secondary schools will be phased to allow for testing.

Schoolchildren will be make their way to primary school from March 8.

Schoolchildren will be make their way to primary school from March 8. - Credit: PA

But for parents who has juggled work and home life with making sure children are on Zoom lessons, getting to grips with maths they’ve not done since their own school days and fending off non-stop nagging from cooped up kids, it will be a welcome relief. 

What will parents miss about homeschooling?

What will parents miss about homeschooling? - Credit: PA

We asked readers on our Facebook page what they will not miss about homeschooling...

‘I definitely won't miss my five-year-old taking all his clothes off and going to sit behind the curtains naked every, single time he's asked to do some phonics. My most used phrase - ‘Ralph, do you get naked for your real teacher or do you sit and do your learning nicely?’ - Lucy MacDonald

‘It’s actually not been that bad despite two very energetic boys who have been cooped up, but I’ll just be glad of some peace and quiet. Perhaps I’ll not feel frazzled all the time. It has made me realise I made the right decision not to study as a teacher!’ - Sue Evans

‘I’m actually going to miss it. Homeschooling has taught me things I never got taught at school and my child’s in primary school aged five!’ - Emma Jayne Downes

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‘Diagraphs!! Although I really wouldn't have ever known what they were if it wasn't for homeschooling!’ - Beth Jasmine

‘I won't miss having to teach myself really overly complicated methods for really simple mathematics just to teach my child. I'm sorry but I don't need to make a million charts to times something by 10!’ - Nicol Nicholls

Most Read

‘Seeing my son in pants all day and him moaning because he has a Zoom meeting and has to get dressed’ - Claire Ballantyne

‘The amount rubbish I’ve had to pick up off the floor, toys, cutting out, glitter glue on my floors. Tomorrow I’ll be partying at 9am!’ - Julie Lawson-wood

‘Hearing mum can I have a snack a thousand times a day, having a phone conversation without them trying their luck helping themselves to ‘snacks’ while I’m distracted, and being told I’m not a very good teacher. I’ve been sacked so many times by my children!’ - Lucie Oakes

‘Zoom calls being like a Victorian séance..."Ted, are you there? Can you hear me? If you can hear me make a noise. Ted what is 17+7? Are you there?’ - Dan Veal

‘I’ll miss studying for my GCSEs! I’ve got to the age of 38 without really knowing what a relative clause or fronted adverbial is!’ - Heather Grant

‘We definitely won’t miss the constant cries of ‘can I just have?’. Can I just have some crisps, can I just have a cake, can I just have some iPad time, can I just have some more crisps. All too often it’s left us parents crying out to ask ‘can we please just have a break from it all?’ - David Powles

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