Ed Byrne review: Dark humour and high-impact comedy at Laugh in the Park

Ed Byrne headlined Laugh in the Park in Norwich last night

Ed Byrne headlined Laugh in the Park in Norwich last night - Credit: Archant

The Mock the Week regular took to the stage in Chapelfield Gardens last night in a short but entertaining headline gig for Laugh in the Park.

Family and fatherhood were the main talking points of Byrne's set, trusty topics that the comedian turns to regularly. However, rather than feel it went over old ground, Byrne offered up high energy and a quirky take on the matters.

Byrne recounted anecdotes inspired by his young and testing children which felt full of love and delivered with ease.

He then jumped to a quick stint about a trip to the doctors – again, a classic, but Byrne put his own flair on the joke – where he has gone to enquire about a vasectomy.

He made the situation feel relatable and truly lived, even if it wasn't so.

Byrne's cutting dissection of the discussion with the doctors made up the most memorable portion of his set and gave great insight into his relationship dynamic and witty perspective on the mundane.

It was a well thought-out and highly considered set, with a clear and effective arc that showcased Byrne's recognisable Irish charm.

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The thoroughly satisfied audience responded well to the finale of this evening of dark-humour and high-impact comedy.