Eaton pupils let off sea of colourful balloons into the sky

A sea of colourful balloons were let off into the sky by members of a Norwich school community.

The release of more than 400 balloons took place at Eaton Primary School to mark the end of National Anti-Bullying week.

Teacher Peter Hamilton said: 'The event was organised as a fun and memorable way in which to end the National Anti-Bullying week.

'The children had all been learning how to manage if someone was showing bullying behaviours and wanted to spread the message to everyone; 'We're better without bullying.'

'Each balloon had a tag with the school contact details and advice on how to deal with bullying.'

The aim of the balloon release was to spread the anti-bullying message far and wide, and pupils, their parents and staff from the school all watched the spectacular sight of a sea of balloons drifting off into the sky.