Dyb dyb dyb... Can you help us find Norwich’s oldest cub?

Clubs1st Sculthorpe Scouts at a Jamboree at Sennowe Park, Guist.Date -- 10 August 1960Photograph --

Clubs1st Sculthorpe Scouts at a Jamboree at Sennowe Park, Guist.Date -- 10 August 1960Photograph -- c10194

Scout leaders have launched a search to find the movements oldest veteran to help celebrate its 100th anniversary.

They're asking families to trawl through their photo albums and quiz elderly members to see if they wore the necktie and woggle in their younger days.

Norfolk Scouts also want former cub Leaders to get in touch so that they can also be invited to a Grand Howl on November 25.

County commissioner Nickie Chapman said: 'Cubs are 100 years old, so potentially we're looking at anyone up to the age of 80 or 90.

'They needed to be eight or nine to join, so you could potentially be looking at someone in their 90s.'

Mrs Chapman and assistant county commissioner Tony Milburn have launched a Cubs 100 Challenge, offering boys and girls the chance to earn a special Norfolk County Cub Challenge Badge to celebrate 100 years of scouting.

It is designed as a wolf's paw print, with each toe worth 25 points, which are awarded once a cub scout completes one of four sections - get active, adventure camping, look around you and down the cub hut. All cubs will also be receiving a 100th Anniversary woggle.

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Mrs Chapman said: 'Creating programmes that will be exciting and challenging for all Norfolk Cubs has been our main aim and the activities are designed to offer a more taxing and adventurous Cub Scouting experience to both boys and girls.

'Yes, Cub Scouts is not just for boys, it is for girls as well. I find that a lot of parents still just think Cubs and Scouting in general is only for boys, but we have, in Norfolk, sections which have girls outnumbering the boys.

'Cub Scouts is for young people aged eight to 10 and a half and operates all over Norfolk. This Cubs 100 challenge is open to all young people, even if they join next week.'