Neighbourhood could become no-go zone for cold callers amid fears

Watchdogs have warned people to beware of cold callers. Pic: Adrian Judd.

Dussindale residents are being asked to have their say on a no cold calling zone - Credit: Archant

An area of Norwich could be made a no-go area for cold callers after fears were raised about rogue traders. 

People living in Dussindale will be receiving feedback forms to register their views on it becoming a no cold calling zone. 

An increase in rogue traders had been reported during the coronavirus lockdowns after residents were met with suspicious offers for new windows, conservatories, tilers and tree surgeons. 

County and district councillor Ian Mackie said: "In response to requests from residents concerned about cold calling, especially during the lockdowns, I am delighted to be launching this survey across Dussindale. 

County councillor Ian Mackie 

County councillor Ian Mackie - Credit: Submitted

"I am sure the community will be keen to engage with the process and if they wish, help make the area that little bit safer for all. 

"Dussindale is a well-defined area and has a strong community spirit, so it very much meets the criteria, despite having more than 1,700 homes." 

Residents can respond by posting the newsletter form to Norfolk County Council Trading Standards or by dropping it off at Thorpe St Andrew Town Council's Town Hall at Fitzmaurice Park. 

A spokesperson for the town council said: "All responses will be sent to Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Service for them to collate and feedback.

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"To date we have not received any direct reports of cold calling incidents in the Thorpe St Andrew area, but rest assured that if it happens we would pass that on the appropriate organisation."

In order for the Trading Standards Service to support the setting up of the zone across Dussindale, it will need to establish that 75pc of residents are in favour of their area being designated a no cold calling zone. 

And if the neighbourhood doesn’t meet the 75pc support rate, but some individual roads do, then they will be put forward for no cold calling zones. 

A no cold calling zone is a designated area where the residents declare they will no longer accept traders calling at their homes without an appointment.

No cold calling zones are a deterrent to unscrupulous traders and bogus callers, who do not want to be recognised as working within an area.