Duo raise money with epic car rally

Two adventurers have helped to raise more than �1,000 by taking part in an epic car rally.

Two adventurers have helped to raise more than �1,000 by taking part in an epic car rally.

Vicky Holt, 29, and Gary Myercough, 30, competing under the team name Dorks of Hazard, pitted their wits against drivers from across Europe in The Mongol Rally, one of the toughest races in the world.

The duo, who live in Norwich and Swanton Morley, drove across more than a dozen countries to reach Mongolia, all in the name of charity. They took part in a donated Nissan Micra - which they had worked their magic on to resemble the famous Dukes of Hazzard car the General Lee - as the rules of the race state the car must be about one litre and no more than 10 years old.

They took part in a range of fundraising events before the trip to help raise money, including a charity ball which raised �1,150.

The route, which covered 7,000 miles, saw them drive across France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Russia, before finally arriving in Mongolia.

Vicky, 27, who works as a site administrator at Fakenham Racecourse, said: 'It was a major eye-opener to be honest. It took us nearly four weeks, and a lot of the terrain was hard going because it was full of pot holes and traps.

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'But we had some good camaraderie and that kept us going through the whole race.'

Each team taking part in the race, which took place in July last year, pledged to raise at least �1,000 before they entered and two of the charities which will benefit are the Mercy Corps in Mongolia, which supports vulnerable and injured Mongolian children, and the Christina Noble Children's Foundation which supports rural communities.

In total, Vicky and Gary, from Bentley Way in Norwich and who works for Swinton Insurance, managed to raise �1,200.

And at the end of the race, Vicky and Gary were able to see how they money they raised would be used to help others.

Vicky, who is also taking part in the Motoscope rally 2010 with her sister, Rhiannon Holt, to raise money for British Heart Foundation, said: 'We were taken to visit some of the villages which were helped by the charities, one of which was full of children. It was wonderful to see how the money we had raised would be helping them.'

So far the teams that took part in the 2009 race have raised more than �250,000 for the charities.

This year's Mongol Rally takes place in July. To find out more, visit www.mongolrally.theadventurists.com

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