Duane Eddy - not speaking from beyond the grave

I receive a lot of emails from readers: some are lovely, some are horrific, some are plain insane.

These next two emails, from Joe (I'll protect his modesty by leaving out his surname) are just too good not to share and came after my interview with guitar legend Duane Eddy appeared in the Evening News and Eastern Daily Press.

Remember when your Mum told you to think before you speak?

Sent: 06 May 2012 21:03: Hi Stacia, How did you manage to speak to Duane when he has been dead for a couple of weeks? Is there a happy medium? Nice name by the way. Joe.

Sent: 06 May 2012 21:45: I am so wrong Stacia. Wrong info I was given by someone who doesn't know the difference between Duane Eddy and Bert Weedon who is dead! Apologies!

Best email ever. And possibly the inspiration for a whole new set of features with people who have passed on to the next realm. First up: Bert Weedon.