Drunks watch on as baby born in car

Kim BriscoeA former Norwich man now living in Bermuda told today how he helped to deliver his third son in the family car while stopped in the busiest street on the island.Kim Briscoe

A former Norwich man now living in Bermuda told today how he helped to deliver his third son in the family car while stopped in the busiest street on the island.

Ian Thompson, a former Norwich School pupil and a dedicated Norwich City Football Club fan, and his wife Susie were on the way to hospital in the island's capital Hamilton when baby Alexander decided to arrive.

The tot weighed in at 6 lbs 13oz at 3.10am in the back of their silver Peugeot, as stunned late-night revellers wandered past.

Mr Thompson, 38, told the Evening News today: 'It was a pretty amazing experience - although absolutely terrifying to deliver your son on the back seat on Bermuda's busiest street on a Saturday evening while people spilling out of the bars offered advice.

'Now we have calmed down it seems a privilege, although not necessarily something my wife and I are looking to repeat.'

Mrs Thompson, also 38, started having contractions at the family home in Pembroke at about 6pm on Saturday, April 10.

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The couple left their two sons - James, six, and Charlie, three - with friends and went to the hospital at about 1am on Sunday.

A check revealed that Mrs Thompson was not dilated and she was advised to go home and rest. She did but several painful contractions soon convinced her to head back to hospital.

Mr Thompson, a senior vice president for Hiscox insurance company, said: 'The baby came so quickly I can't remember too much. My wife said pull over, which I took to mean another contraction, then she said the baby's coming.

'From stopping the car, to having the baby in my hands was then about 10 seconds, so there wasn't much time for either of us to think.

'It wasn't until I saw Alex at the hospital in an incubator that I really felt it was all okay.

'It was a bit of a panic- because it was 3am and the bars and clubs had just emptied, it was packed with people and police, so within seconds there was a pretty big crowd. The passers-by were unbelievably helpful, but mostly drunk, so it wasn't really the sort of help we needed.'

Mr Thompson, who worked in the City in London for 15 years, said he jumped at the chance to move to Bermuda when he was headhunted in 2006 and he now has more time to spend with his children.

He runs the Bermuda Canaries group and is still a season ticket holder in the Jarrold Stand and tries to get back for as many games as he can.

He said that unfortunately he would not be able to make the Carlisle game, the club's final match of the season, but hopes to celebrate with the other six members of the Bermuda Canaries by having a couple of drinks and listening to the Radio Norfolk commentary.

Mr Thompson, who grew up in Drayton and whose father David and step-mother Jane still live there, said: 'I'm pleased we are back in the Championship, and playing Ipswich again. That said we are still looking at trips to Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Barnsley which doesn't seem much of a reward, but it's obviously great news and I hope we can push on.'

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