Drivers endanger lives near Norwich school

A pre-school has been forced to take matters into its own hands following dangerous driving and parking outside the school.

Chapel Break Pre-School in Bowthorpe has seen a recurring problem outside its front entrance.

The parking area often becomes full by 3pm closing time, and some drivers picking up their children park on the pathway outside, putting youngsters leaving the school at risk from moving cars.

They have had to acquire their own bollards and make signs to deter drivers from putting the children at risk.

Sarah Harrison is head of the pre-school and chair of the Chapel Break Community Association.

'It's just absolute chaos,' said Mrs Harrison. 'I complained at Bowthorpe station and they said they were always short staffed at 3pm, although they may get a policeman from another area.

'Others have complained to the council in the past and nothing has been done. If we needed a fire engine or ambulance, they wouldn't be able to get through because the traffic is so bad.'

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An incident on Monday October 17 caused the school to call for action after months of frustration.

Richelle Bale, who has a daughter at the pre school, said of the incident: 'Someone parked where the kids were coming out. As they pulled out of the forecourt people had to scream to the kids to watch out and pull them out of the way.

'I don't know if they could put double yellow lines, or police could step up patrols, but people need re-educating, most families parking here live within walking distance.'

Paul Wells, Norfolk County Council member for Bowthorpe, said: 'I am aware of this and have recommended to the council that something needs to be done.'

Inspector Rob Wicks, of Bowthorpe Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: 'We take this seriously and are working with the neighbouring school, St Michael's Junior, to address similar concerns. But there is also a responsibility on parents to play their part and abide by the rules.'

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