Do you think it’s right that a McDonald’s in Norwich is open on Christmas Day?

Do you think it's right that McDonald's is open on Christmas Day?

Working on Christmas Day is never much fun – unless you work at a McDonald's in Norwich where staff have chosen to come in for six hours on the most religious day of the year.

Several staff at McDonald's in Tuckswood asked franchisee Kevin Foley if they could work on last year's Christmas Day – but not enough came forward to man the restaurant.

But this year more than a dozen staff have requested that they work at the Barrett Road restaurant on Christmas Day, and the restaurant will be open from 11am to 5pm.

Franchisee Kevin Foley admitted he was surprised that so many people wanted to work on Christmas Day.

He said: 'I was a bit surprised that so many staff wanted to work, but it's great that they do. But it's not something McDonald's is pushing or asking for nationwide.

'Some people don't have religious views for Christmas and others are living away from home and don't have any family around here, so are happy to work.

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'I thought originally that there would not be any call from the public for the restaurant to be open, but cabbies and paramedics and others have told us that they would like to go to somewhere like McDonald's on Christmas Day.'

The restaurant's manager Rob Hebron said no-one had been forced to work on Christmas Day.

He said: 'Last year about five staff said they wanted to work on Christmas Day, but this year that was up to more than 12. We also canvassed a lot of police, ambulance paramedics and people who work in care and they said they would like to come to the restaurant on Christmas Day, so we thought we would give it a go.

'It's just a local initiative, but in places like Birmingham, where the culture is different, I know some McDonald's branches open, as well. And staff do get triple pay.'

Mr Hebron only lives a few minutes away from the restaurant and said he always popped in on Christmas Day to check on alarms, etc, and would be doing the same this year, but he would not join staff in working throughout the day.

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