Do you remember Alma Square in old Norwich?

An appeal has been launched to discover why these people were having a party in the street.

Watch the birdie.... the people of Alma Square in old Norwich wait for the photographer to take his picture before they tuck in.

They had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to make sure this was a fancy dress street party the whole community could enjoy... but why?

'I would love to know what was going on and what they were celebrating,' said Selwyn Sutton. 'Perhaps your readers can help?'

Several members of the Sutton family are on the picture. It is thought it was taken around 1924 in the square off Vauxhall Street which is now long gone.

'I can remember my father Charlie writing down the names on the back. He is on there along with various aunts and uncles and that first woman on the left was my grandmother,' he added.

'It's a long time ago but there may still be some people around who are on the photograph or other people may have a copy and more details.'

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