DNA review: Britain’s Got Talent finalists are ‘a pleasure to witness first hand’

Mind reading duo DNA. Photo: Gaby Jerrard PR

Mind reading duo DNA. Photo: Gaby Jerrard PR - Credit: Gaby Jerrard PR

Britain's Got Talent finalists DNA, a mind reading duo, brought their We Know What You're Thinking show last night to Epic Studios in Norwich.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing them perform, either on TV or in a live show, DNA are a duo comprised of good friends Darren and Andrew.

After meeting at an event seven years ago, the pair went on to spend thousands of hours perfecting their telepathic ability known as 'The Gift'.

It was this sheer determination that led them to appearing on the eleventh series of Britain's Got Talent (BGT) in 2017 where they made it all the way through to the final show.

Fast forward to now and DNA have put together their own show – one that blends a mixture of what people had seen them do on BGT with some brand new, never seen before material.

Having never attended a show quite like last nights, it was difficult to know what to expect. It was a show that I'm sure many went into feeling sceptical about, which is completely understandable when attending a mind reading show.

It's easy to be wowed by DNA's BGT performance's but still sometimes difficult to fully believe it's possible when you're not present. It was this curiosity that drew myself, and I'm sure several others, to attend the show to see whether they could in fact read our minds.

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Let me start off by saying I wasn't even remotely disappointed by their performance. Involving as many members of the audience as possible, the duo called on people to think of numbers, names, colours and celebrities throughout the show which they were then able to write down and call out with incredible speed and accuracy.

DNA performed their mind reading phone trick, the one they did in their audition with Amanda Holden, to the audience pulling it off once again to many people's astonishment.

They also used books and dictionaries to showcase their incredible ability to know exactly which word someone was thinking of and reveal it to the audience.

One of the most impressive tricks of the evening was when one half of DNA brought out two Rubik's cubes, keeping one for himself and passing the other to a gentleman in the crowd.

They were instructed to simultaneously rotate and turn their cube behind their back so that neither of them could possibly see how the other had turned theirs.

Stopping rotating at exactly the same time, it was then revealed that DNA had mixed their cube so that every single side matched that of the audience member's – something that just seems impossible when there are so many possible outcomes.

The whole show was packed to the brim with tricks where they continually made you question how they were able to know what you were thinking.

Towards the start of the show, DNA mentioned their classic t-shirt switch trick, showing a photo of them dressed in the camouflage tops they wore in their auditions. They popped this picture on a stand at the side of the stage and left it there unmentioned until right at the end of the evening.

Having anticipated this trick, I'd been watching the board all evening waiting for the change, which to my absolute amazement they managed to pull off right at the end without anyone even noticing.

All of a sudden they were both wearing the t-shirt that had been in the picture and the picture was now of them wearing the back tops they had started the show in.

Even after they had left the stage to applause, I must have sat there for a good few minutes trying to comprehend how I had missed the one trick I had been waiting the whole show for – very impressive indeed.

The only disappointment was that the venue wasn't completely packed out. It's something that is difficult to comprehend as not only did Epic Studio's provide the perfect setting but DNA are an absolute class act.

Sometimes the audience seemed to lack a little bit of enthusiasm and didn't always give the duo the response that I personally felt they deserved. Nonetheless it was a fantastic show and one I'd be interested to see again at one of their sold out tour dates.

It's evident that they have worked hard at what they do and it was a pleasure to witness first hand.