Disney Cruise dream gives hope to young Norwich girl with rare type of cancer

Chloe, from Norwich, was diagnosed with a rare condition when she was just 4 months old. Her dream o

Chloe, from Norwich, was diagnosed with a rare condition when she was just 4 months old. Her dream of going on a Disney Cruise has given her a sense of hope. Picture: Courtesy Dreams Come True - Credit: Archant

The dream of going on a Disney Cruise has given a three-year-old Norwich girl diagnosed with a rare type of cancer hope during a difficult period.

Chloe, who lives with her mother, father and nine-year-old sister, was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH), a rare type of cancer with a range of different manifestations when she was just four months old.

Initially, the condition only manifested in the bone of Chloe's skull and in her skin, which was treatable with chemotherapy.

However, shortly thereafter the disease spread to her bone marrow, liver and spleen.

Little Chloe was still under a year old when she had to begin heavy chemotherapy, and ended up spending her first birthday in hospital.

After the heavy chemotherapy course, the symptoms returned, at which point doctors suggested a new treatment option.

Chloe's mum, Oriana, said: 'For six months, Chloe was given an inhibitor that worked very well. One could even say we had a 'normal life' for a while.'

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After 6 months, Chloe stopped taking the inhibitor as planned but her symptoms returned almost immediately.

It became clear that the inhibitor was simply suppressing them.

She has now been on the inhibitor for two years but it has been necessary to re-introduce chemotherapy in combination.

The re-introduction has made life tough for the whole family.

Every time Chloe gets a fever, she needs to be rushed to hospital and has missed a lot of days at pre-school as a result.

Despite the difficulties she goes through, little Chloe is amazingly resilient. She is due to finish chemotherapy in July.

Chloe, a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and Snow White, has been dreaming of going on a Disney Cruise with her family.

Oriana said: 'The dream has really kept Chloe going for the past year. She loves Disney and a cruise would be just right: not too overwhelming but still a fantastic Disney experience.'

Richard Ashton, chief executive Dreams Come True said: 'We would love to help them get the well-deserved space and freedom to enjoy a holiday together, and create precious family memories that most of us take for granted.'

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