Dismay over Norwich & Peterborough decision

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society. Picture: ANTONY KELLY.

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society. Picture: ANTONY KELLY. - Credit: © ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHIC

As a member of the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society I am dismayed at the proposal to close branches, make staff redundant and remove the name N&P from the high street.

There is however now a chance that if enough of us make a stand, we can give the Yorkshire Building Society a clear message that its not acceptable or right.

Members (those of us who have an account there or mortgage) of the N&P will have got voting papers through their letter boxes in the last week or so and this gives us a chance to vote out the current Yorkshire board members and demand a board which keeps the N&P.

Can I therefore ask that all N&P members who feel that they want a branch near them/want to retain their accounts - and feel that staff should be protected - should vote by putting a cross in the 'against' boxes alongside all the members of the board who are standing for re-election.

I would also recommend doing the same for the box 'remuneration package' (this is the board voting themselves their pay — let's stop them getting it as they seem so keen to stop other members of staff getting theirs).

Don't cross the box 'quick vote' or 'recommended vote' — that is what they want you to do!