Disabled Spixworth woman hit by van

A disabled woman who was knocked off her mobility scooter has urged motorists to be more aware of other road users.

Sue Crooks, 51, was riding her scooter on Buxton Road, Spixworth, close to the junction of Crostwick Lane, when she pulled up behind a van which was parked half on the pavement and half on the road.

Unable to go past it on the path, she waited behind the van to overtake it when the van suddenly reversed back and hit her.

She said: 'He didn't hear me and reversed back into me and knocked me over on the scooter.

'The next few seconds were a bit of a blur.'

Despite trying to alert the van driver to her presence, Mrs Crooks was trapped underneath her scooter in the road when it was knocked over.

An ambulance was called and the mother-of-one did receive treatment at the scene for minor injuries, although she did not need to be taken to hospital.

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Mrs Crooks, from Orchard Road, Spixworth, said: 'He had seen me, but because he had no windows in the back of van, he didn't know where I had gone – it could have been a normal push bike.

'If anything I take up more road space, so there should have been more chance of him seeing me than a push bike.'

The scooter Mrs Crooks was riding was just 18 days old and has been wrecked as a result of the accident. She has a replacement one but thinks her current scooter might yet be written off.

She is still suffering from painful ribs following the accident, which happened at about 1.30pm on Friday, February 18, but fortunately was not seriously injured.

Mrs Crooks, a volunteer at Spixworth Infant School, was however, seriously hurt in another road crash on Harvey Lane, Thorpe St Andrew, in 1991.

She was hit by a car which pulled out of Stanley Avenue and spun round into the path of a lorry which was unable to avoid her.

Mrs Crooks suffered a serious head injury and spent six months at Addenbrooke's, in Cambridge, before a long spell of rehabilitation, but is still unable to walk for any considerable distance.

A spokesman for Norfolk police confirmed they attended the accident although it is not yet clear what action, if any, is being taken against the driver of the vehicle.

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