Dinky Toy Collectors Association show in Norwich a success

Classic cars, trucks and buses are all lined up for inspection in Norwich.

But these are not parked up ahead of a classic rally as they are a little small to take to the roads.

Instead the variety of vehicles that date between the 1930s and 1980s are actually Dinky Toys and form a part of an exhibition that is celebrating 80 years since the first one was made.

The exhibition, which is being held at The Forum, is being run by the Norwich-based Dinky Toy Collectors Association.

The association, which has over 300 members from across the world, was set up to unite collectors of Dinky Toys, Hornby Series Modelled Miniatures and accessories, as manufactured by Meccano.

Its president is David Cooke, of Eaton, who approached The Forum to hold the exhibition to mark 80 years since the collectibles were first made in Liverpool.

He said that the exhibition started in August, but such has been the success of it, the library service has agreed to extend it.

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Mr Cooke, 67, said: 'Hundreds of people came over the bank holiday weekend, it was very successful. We are quite pleased.'

He said there are around 100 of the vehicles with boxes and books accompanying them. There are also pamphlets and original factory drawings of some models.

The grandfather of five said that a wide range of ages had been enjoying the exhibition and that his own grandchildren were very interested in it.

He added: 'It is going to finish at the end of September so there is still time for people to come.'

For more information about the club visit www.dtcawebsite.org

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