Defenders of Norwich Castle warn of “sizeable” pigeon invasion

The guardians of Norwich Castle have spoken for the first time today about the 'sizeable' pigeon invasion they are attempting to defeat.

As revealed in the Evening News, the future of the Norwich Castle museum is under threat as pigeon droppings have created a health and safety risk.

The slippery and disease-laden mess created by birds roosting at the 11th Century landmark is building up and preventing workers from reaching guttering and drains to unblock them. This, according to plans, is causing water to seep into the medieval building's walls.

Plans for a 'pigeon guarding system' have been submitted to Norwich City Council, which include installing a stainless steel post with thin wire at the castle to stop the birds perching and roosting at various locations.

Stuart Garner, operations manager at the castle, said the museum complex had a complicated roof structure, which provided plenty of nooks and crannies for pigeons to settle in.

He said: 'We've got a sizeable colony of pigeons that have invaded the castle.

'The roof is a haven for pigeons and the number has grown and the poo is becoming a bit of an issue in certain parts of roof sections.

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'It's started to build-up. We took a decision last year that we need to start seriously protecting the building, contractors and staff from the pigeons. The pigeons themselves are fine, it's what they do that isn't.'

Mr Garner said they were working with English Heritage and Norwich City Council conservation officers to ensure any pigeon-proofing measures were correct for the castle.

He added: 'We can apply for funding. We have only just this morning received a couple of quotes. We are still in the early stages.'