Deaf people enjoy zumba dance class

A fitness instructor with a passion for Zumba has started a class for the deaf community.

Kevin d'Odemont, 31, a qualified fitness trainer and Zumba instructor said: 'I have a friend called Donna who is deaf. I said I would love to learn sign language so I went to the Deaf Connexions centre in Norwich.'

His visit to the centre led to him offering to teach a free Zumba session to deaf people.

Belgian-born Mr d'Odemont, who lives in Moorgate in Dereham said: 'It's very unusual and the people are excited. They copy me as it is very visual. Some of them can hear a tiny bit of music and some are a little bit blind. The bass must be as high as possible so they can feel the vibrations.

'I think this is the first time anyone has done this.'

For more information visit mrzumba